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Tuition is an annual fee based on 36 weeks of classes starting the first Monday after Labor Day through June. Tuition may be paid in full or in monthly installments. Tuition charges are run on the 28th of the month for the next month’s installment. Tuition paid by cash or check is required to be in three installments of the annual tuition fee.

Some months have more classes than others due to holidays, weather related closings, etc.

It is standard policy to not give refunds or credits due to illness, personal vacations, holidays or weather related closings. We do encourage missed classes to be made up in other appropriate classes.

***Students registering after the first week of a month will receive a pro-rated first month of tuition fees.

TFDC gives Family Discounts for multiple classes:

These discounts result in classes going as low as $15.00 a class.

The monthly fee for a 45 minute class is $54.00,

This roughly breaks down to about $13.50 a class.

If for any reason a student needs to drop a class, there is no penalty to dropping.
We simply require a 30 day written cancelation of the class.
***If a student is absent, we have many suitable make-up classes available.

Please call the studio with any questions regarding tuition.

Two Easy Ways to Register
1. In person @ studio. Call for appt. 908-350-8150