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Take Flight Dance Center has been providing their customers with Professional Dance training services for more many years. Our parents often tell us how pleased they are with our work – here’s what just a few of them had to say…

My daughter has been going to Take Flight for 4 years. She has loved her experience there. When asked why she likes Take Fight, she says that “everyone there makes me feel like I am home and they make me feel like I am safe. Another reason I love take flight is that when I am at team practice or any dance class I feel like I have a family there. The girls and teachers love me and I love them.” The studio has a true sense of family, and the older girls have always looked out for the younger ones. What more could I ask for from a dance studio for my daughters – especially when they spend so much of their free time there.

I now have 3 daughters there. My oldest daughter started going to Take Flight because she was not comfortable with performing on stage in an end of the year performance. The focus on the end of year performance at her previous studio was discouraging to her, and she decided to leave but was willing to give Take Flight a try. At Take Flight, the focus was consistently more on technique and having fun and less on performance. Due to the nurturing environment provided and given the opportunity to develop at her own pace, my daughter found the confidence to perform in her own time with no additional pressure from the teachers at the studio. To see her perform, in her own time with a smile on her face, was one of my proudest moments. It’s in those moments, you know you made the right decision to join the Take Flight family.

At this years end of year performance, I could not have been more impressed with the quality of the performance and the focus on integrating all the ballet students into a themed production, the jazz students and so on. How impressive! This is one example of how the studio operates as one big family – younger students and older students. And Miss Jill providing the artistic direction and encouraging hand to inspire them all to do their best.

J.G., TFDC Mom

Dear Miss Jill,

I just want to thank you for all that you do for Ava. She has without question, improved in her dance technique and enjoys every moment she is at your studio. As you know Ava is on the quiet side and does not always feel comfortable in groups. Seeing her progress this past year, not only in dance, but in her socialization has been amazing. It has been wonderful watching her form relationships with the other students on the dance team and in her classes. She is learning the responsibilities of being on a team and performing in a group. Valuable lessons for life!

Your ability to create a safe environment for your students to express themselves without fear of being judged or ridiculed is truly remarkable. I can see how it enhances their creativity. Your concern and respect for each individual child is evident. You seem to know the hearts of your students and what motivates them. It is amazing how you bring out the best in each child. And you can see the look of admiration and love each of the students has for you.

My husband and I feel so blessed to have you as a teacher in Ava’s life.

You have a gift. Thank you for sharing it with all the children whose lives you touch.

God bless you always.

M.C., TFDC Mom

Miss Jill is a wonderful and caring professional teacher.
H.M., TFDC Mom’s Review on Facebook

 Miss Jill is a blessing to every student who enters her studio. She has taught our daughter the love of dance and for that we are ever grateful.

D.K., TFDC Mom’s Review on Facebook

Take Flight Dance Center, Miss Jill, Miss Michelle, and all the dance studio students work together to create an unbelievably terrific environment for dance! Lots of great community spirit, teamwork, and love.

J.T., TFDC Mom’s Review on Facebook