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spacer“Just as a musician needs to understand his instrument and use it skillfully to achieve artistic goals, so a dancer needs to develop and use their body as a future instrument of their expression.” – Madame Gabriela Darvash

Ballet is the foundation of all dance technique. Vocabulary is broken down with emphasis placed on proper placement, technique, transitions and musicality. The ballet program at TFDC is greatly influenced by the scientific system of movement created by Master Teacher Madame Darvash. Miss Jill was a dancer trained by Madame and continues to be mentored as a teacher by Madame!

As students’ progress with their ballet technique and strength, they can add pre-pointe or pointe to their ballet training.


Jazz is an art form that uses popular music and expands on the basics of ballet technique in a broader and more expressive way. A Jazz Class consists of a dance warm-up designed to enhance technique and develop strength and flexibility. Class involves learning leaps, jumps and turns. Combinations are taught in a variety of styles.


hiphopHIP HOP
Hip Hop Class involves a warm up to develop the style of dance known as Hip Hop. Hip Hop originated in the streets and has a lot of energy and attitude. Class includes strength training for the tricks of Hip Hop. Kids learn Hip Hop trick/skills as well as across the floor and center combinations. Those without a lot of dance experience feel comfortable in this class. Hip Hop is a fun way for kids to express themselves.
This class was created for the dancers who like the style of Hip Hop but need the technique of a Jazz Class.


Modern Dance’s roots come from world dance and the influence of dance pioneers Martha Graham and Alvin Ailey. Traditional modern dance has now developed into a style known as “Contemporary”. A Contemporary Class consists of a technical warm up and progresses to learning choreography with a dramatic intention and quality of movement.


Technique built on rhythm and musicality with a variety of movement patterns. Tap Class at TFDC consists of both the traditional Broadway Style and the new Street Style of tap.



The Musical Theater Program @ TFDC is designed for kids who love Broadway and also those who love to perform in theater. Class teaches Tap and Jazz technique, steps and choreography. Audition Tips are taught in this class! Musical Theater students both sing and dance in TFDC productions


Beginner Gymnastics Classes are taught using equipment that is safe and best suited to learn the foundations of gymnastics.

Intermediate to Advanced Gymnastics Classes are taught by an Elite Gymnastics Coach. Floor and Tumbling Skills are taught in a systematic and progressive way. Miss Jill coached members of the US National Gymnastics Team between the years 2002 and 2008. “MJ” was a staff member at the US Olympic Training Center for the Junior Olympic National Team in 2008.


Cheer Tumbling is much harder without the spring floor of gymnastics. The fundamentals of tumbling are taught and progressed, Floor Skills, Leaps and Jumps for Cheer are the focus of these classes.



These classes combine dance and gymnastics in a fun and creative way. Partnering and group work are included in the choreography in the unique way of Cirque du Soleil.