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Welcome to Take Flight Dance Center!

Where Dreams Take Flight!

Take Flight Dance is a training center for the dancer with professional aspirations and also the dancer who simply loves the joy of movement. With a solid foundation anyone can Take Flight into their Dreams!

Take Flight Dance is committed to the art of dance taught at a professional level in a positive and welcoming environment. Technique and training provide the confidence for the freedom of expression.

About Us

Take Flight Dance Center provides a positive learning environment to encourage our students to develop a passion and love for dance in both classical and contemporary styles, while building self esteem, confidence, and discipline in a fun yet challenging environment.

Our Instructors

Our professional teachers offer a wealth of experience and technical proficiency in a nurturing, confidence-inspiring atmosphere. Instructors hone students’ vital motor skills and flexibility while developing strong dance technique.

Does Your Child Dance Around the House?

Our diverse classes can provide a great outlet for all that energy within your child. Our instructors can harness that energy into refined skill thought basic steps and techniques. If dance is in you child's heart, we can teach them!